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2002 Mazda Pro 5 Lost All Power

Continuing saga but now I have had codes read. They were: P1569 and P0753-what do they mean please.

Oh, I checked my oil this morning and it was good as were all fluids.

P1569 indicates a problem with the Variable Tumble Control System (VTCS). This is similar to a Swirl Control Valve in the intake manifold, and it has to do with adjusting the air/fuel mixture going to the cylinders. There is a technical service bulletin regarding problems with this valve, so your problem may not be unique. The problems usually amount to a harmless noise problem, but if this valve malfunctions, it could also lead to driveability problems.

P0753 indicates a problem with a Shift Solenoid. Are you experiencing any problems with the transmission shifting?

A couple of months ago a friend wrapped the intake hose with heat resistant tape and it probably has sprung a leak. I will check it. I am pretty sure that this is why P1569 came up.

As for P0753 here is what happened the day before the car lost all power. It was morning and while on my commute to work the car suddenly bucked, rpm’s raced, and the OD OFF light flickered on the dash. This happened on and off for 10 minutes and has not happened since 5 days ago.

What do you think?

Regarding the second code, I would strongly suggest having the transmission checked by an independent trans shop that has been in business for at least 3 years.

DO NOT go to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain operation unless you want to be sold a rebuilt transmission–whether you actually need one or not. If the shift control solenoid is defective, failure to replace it promptly can result in much more expensive mechanical repairs to the trans. Incidentally, if you have never had the trans fluid & filter changed, have that done by the indy trans shop while you have the car there. But, just a fluid & filter change–NOT a flush.

As to the first code, that one is not as imminent a potential problem as the second one, so you might let that ride for awhile–especially if you have to pay for trans repairs and service.

Tranny fluid and filter were changed at 65,000 miles and we just passed 100,000.

What kind of cost would you expect if the shift control solenoid turns out to be defective; parts and labor?

I have a great independent shop here in vero beach fl and will take it in on monday for a check up and to get new fluid and a filter.

I can’t thank you enough.