2002 Malibu, ticking, won't start! Replaced starter motor 3 days ago

I have a 2002 Malibu. It’s been ticking when I try to start it up & won’t start. I recently got the starter replaced, with a used one. I also, just last week, got a tune up (just plugs & wires). Is it the alternator? Or did he not put the starter on right, or was the used one broken as well. It ran perfectly fine for 3 days after I got the starter replaced & know it’s back doing the ticking & not starting it was doing before I got it “fixed”


I have a feeling that the used stasrter was on it’s last leg when you took it out of the original car.

You need a new starter. $135 at NAPA. I wouldn’t waste time on a used starter.


Did anyone do a charging system test, including the battery? If not, that’s where you should start. First charge the battery and then perform a battery load test and then once you know the battery is good, make sure the alternator is producing a charge. If the engine will not crank with a boost, then you have other issues with the battery cables/ignition switch/solenoid/starter motor to investigate.

If I had to venture a guess based on what you described so far, the battery is not being properly charged as you use the car. After a couple of days, it is too dead to start the car. It could be as simple as the cables connecting it or the alternator gave up the ghost. This should be an easy diagnosis without throwing parts at it.

in these situations I always start wth removing batt. cables and cleaning them and the connections thoroughly. the easiest free fix is often the solution. there may be enough current getting thru your corroded cables to click and work your lights and radio, but not enough to turn your car over.

and make sure to inspect the cables for corrosion UNDER the cable covering insulation, f there is corrosion on the wires under the plastic you can cut the cable back and use new connectors.

try yanking and twisting your battery cables first and see if it will start. if so, you ve found your problem. check that your neg batt cable is secure at the engine block also

if you have a voltage reg that is separate from your alternator it could be that, or your alternator itself may have problems.

if you find the problem elsewhere, besides your starter, and I think you will, your old starter may be fine