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2002 kia rio cinco, replaced my 95 lumina, now what

I just bought a 2002 kia rio cinco, 40,900 miles on it, not used very often, probably sat a lot. It replaced my 95 lumina that I managed to overheat to the point of blowing the engine up or something like that. Now, two days after having the kia, the check engline light comes on. No signs of overheating. I hear a slight whistling sort of sound when I am at high speeds, not like the window is open, more of a whistle. Before the check engine light came on, I was going to take it today to get the oil changed, anything else I should do (aside from the check engine light situation). I have the luck of a plugged up toilet lately.

The whistling may be an engine intake vacuum leak–It’s hard to hear from this distance.
The heck engine light may give a clue to the whistle. Get it scanned at an auto parts store, for free. Bring the code (like P0410) here for comments—some pertinent.

Thanks, I am on my way to auto zone in 5 minutes. will post results. It has been a baaaddddd day.

He said it was the gas cap. I told him I already opened and closed the gas cap and he said sometimes the light is persistent but it read as the gas cap. He said I could buy a new one if I wanted to but it was no big deal. After I left there I opened and closed it again. I am going for a second opinion.

If it’s your gas cap it takes three or four operating cycles to clear the light . Leave things alone for a couple of days and the ordinary driving will take care of resetting the light .

Actually, there is not a code which says, “Gas cap vacuum or pressure leak.” But, the code will sometimes refer to the gas tank vacuum or pressure leaks. This is the EVAP SYSTEM. The trouble code MAY be caused by a leaking gas cap; or, it may not. Depends. What’s the code?
Would the person, who did the scan, erase the code? Some say they are not allowed to. Disconnecting the battery for 5 minuets may erase the code. It takes several drive trips for the system to do a self-test and turn the check engine light on, if the problem is still there.
Don’t fill the gas tank with the engine running. When you put the gas cap on, make it click several times. Look at the rubber on the gas cap. If it’s hard, or cracked, replace it.

I did go for the second opinion at a second auto supply store. The EVAP system is what came up for him. He said it could be the gas cap or it could be a fuel leak somewhere. He looked at the gas cap. When he shut it he turned it until it clicked, which I had also done.

Any suggestions as to what to do next?