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2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee had a problem with the radiator fan running. After pulling the fuse and checking it, the fuse was good. Replaced the fuse and fan didn’t run at all. Now the engine won’t start. Any thoughts?

The engine cooling fan running after the engine is shut down could have discharged the battery. You need to get a jump start. Sometimes, the cause of the fan running when the engine is cool, is caused by the fan relay. It’s in a relay box under the hood (usually).

Was the problem the fan running when it should not or not running when it should?

Check the website for a recall on this fan. You’ll need your vehicle’s vin number to see if it has a recall against it. There was a recall for some Grand Cherokees during this time frame which had fans which could fail (blade seperation) when in use.

Kathy, a friend of mine has a 2003 Grand Cherokee and was having electrical issues which aren’t exactly the same as your fan running but similar weird events. The heater would work then stop…same with the lights and power locks. Then a few times a week the engine would flat out shut off as she was driving. After two troubleshooting trips to the dealership and subsequent repairs, it still kept happening. So they kept it in the shop hooked up to their computer as it ran and then shut off. The computer codes said she had a sensor malfunction eminating from the transmission which threw off other things in the electrical panel. She was lucky because it was covered under the 70K powertrain warranty. Don’t know what it would cost to fix but perhaps that is one thing to look into.

My problem is the radiator fan stopped working. Replaced the temp guage and the fan and fan still doesn’t work. Is there some sensor that controls the fan coming on that I can check and where is it on a 2002 Jeep grand cherokee???

With the blower and lights having a problem this is a clear clue that there is a power delivery problem to those areas. Most likely due to a faulty power connection.

There also may be another problem with the tranny control, like you stated.

I suggest you purchase a factory service manual to help you with this problem. It will save you time and money on problems like this. Ebay may have some used ones you can purchase. You will have it for other problems later on.

I am at this current time having problems with my 2003 Jeep. (It was a late 2002 so, listed as 2003) The fan wasn’t working yesterday at all and my temp gage went all the way up. Do you think this is covered under the 70K power train warranty if it’s electrical?

My wifes fan wasnt running causing it to overheat while idling, there is a fan relay under the passenger side headlight that was bad on hers. The relay is about 50 bucks at autozone but you have to remove your headlight and cut about a 2x2 inch hole in the plastic to get to it. It has two screws holding it down, I used a dremall to cut it. Save your piece of plastic to silicone back in to keep moisture out.

had the same issue with my 2002. It ended up being the cooling fan relay. Its located under the passenger side headlight. Removed head light assembly, only one screw and some wiring. Cut a 2x2 square access hole in the plactic shroud nearest the front quarter (also told that i could remove the front bumper cover, but that seemed to be too much work). The hole gave me enough room to remove the relay held by 2 screws. Relay cost about $50. took about 1 hr start to finish. Hope it helps.

After reading the posts to this question, my repair was pretty flawless, well, except for the not-knowing-where-to-make-the-hole-thingy. lol. The hole to access the relay should be put on the side closest to the fender. The third hole I made (with my Rotozip) was the charm. Accessing the screws that hold the relay in place was no problem, as the access hole I cut was plenty big :slight_smile: I replaced the plastic cut outs by taping them back into place and then siliconing them back into place. After the silicone dried somewhat, I removed the tape and used more silicone to fill in the spaces covered by the tape. I am attaching a picture of the cut-out I made to help anyone in the future with this repair. Thanks for all the input from everyone else too. Had I known exactly what I was doing ahead of time, it wouldn’t have taken much more than half an hour to complete this fix. (Part purchased at Discount Auto Parts for about $50). The hole farthest to the left in this photo is the only hole you need :slight_smile:

Here is a copy of the holes with the plastic inserts taped back in place and the first load of silicone applied.

Here is the final product. The headlight slid back into place pretty easily. Just a little finagling. Good luck with your repair!

thanks steve407 that picture youve attached really helped me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to take these photos and write the description. Your efforts gave me the information and confidence to perform this task and it saved me hours. Thank you again!