2002 Infiniti G20 warning lights

The light batery, brakes, an wiper is on on the Dashboard.
The batery is good, alternator is good, brakes is new. Wiper is good.

well take them off the dashboard and put them where they belong and your good to go.
sorry I could not resist.


I’m going to assume you mean there are warning indicators lit for battery, brakes, and washer fluid level. I’m not a mechanic but a post I found on an Infiniti/Nissan owners’ forum suggests the alternator might be bad.

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Thanks. The alternator is in good condition, the mechanical revise , and the computer y good . The battery is good and brake is new.

What is a mechanical revise ?

That’s when the mechanic revises the bill upward, depending on how much of a PIA a customer turns out to be.


Do you mean that the car’s maintenance is up to date? As in “revised”? It sounds like English isn’t your first language. Anyway, how do you know your alternator and battery are good? Have you had them tested? That’s really the only way to know for sure. Even a fairly new part can go bad.

There are shops that can test your battery and alternator for free.

Thanks, i visit in this week a Electric mechanical.

Good luck. Let us know what the problem turns out to be. The answer might help someone else.

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