2002 honda tire problems

just had my kuhmo tires replaced on the front of my accord with hankooks and the right hand pull went away. the tech at goodyear says he sees radial pull problems all the time. so if you think its alignment, brakes,or suspension problems, rotate your tires or just the front and see first if it makes a difference.it did for me.

Thank you for posting back. I remember your original post. This is good information for us to keep in mind regarding Kuhmo tires, just in case soemone else has the same problem.

Sincere best.

My son put these tires (winter tires)on his Mazda 3 and had them wear out prematurely. He told me it was an alignment problem with the Mazda, but hearing all this stuff makes me wonder if it is not the Kuhmo tires. He had no problems with other radial tires, either the orignal or Michelin X-ICE winter tires.

not just kuhmo tires. the goodyear tech said a lot of tires have a belt seperation problems. i never heard of hankook tires but they got good reviews and are rated at A traction and A heat and took very little weight to balance, which is allways a good sign. and my annoying loud squeak that developed after my suspension work was fixed by installing a new top strut mounting bushing.allways use a new bushing kit when installing struts.