2002 Honda - High pitched whistling sound

High-pitched whistling sound (like a train whistle) occurs when the engine is cold. It’s in the front only. Only happens when initially put in gear and eventually stops as the car warms up. Mileage - 110K. Recent work done - complete brake job including rotors, calipers, hoses, pads, etc. Other recent work - replaced front axle and bearing. Any ideas about the noise?

does it occur only when the car is moving, and change in pitch with speed? What happens when you turn? when you brake?

or does it change in pitch with engine RPM, ie go down when you upshift?

Yes, it only occurs when the car is moving. Doesn’t really change in pitch with speed because it only lasts for a couple of seconds at each occurrance so it’s hard to tell. No sound upon turning or braking. Yes, it does change in pitch upon shifting. By the way, this is a manual transmission.