2002 Honda Accord issues

I took my 2002 Honda Accord to get inspected unfortunately there are a lot of issues I have to fix before it can be inspected I don’t understand everything but this is what I was told biggest thing is the sub frame also need tires v/c gasket distributor o ring and for emissions egr valve and evap vent valve total cost is over 1,000 I’ve had the car for 5 years I can’t afford a new car so is this worth getting fixed I paid 1,500 when I got the car

I am assuming that you are referring to the subframe that cradles the engine and transmission. If that is the case, is severe rusting of the subframe the problem? If yes, I suggest that you have the entire chassis inspected for rust damage. If there is extensive rust damage, then it might not be worthwhile to sink any repair money into this 20 year old car.

But… needing tires is a normal part of periodic car care expenses, and it’s not unusual for a vehicle this old to have a leaking valve cover gasket. The other listed repairs are also not uncommon for a 20 year old vehicle.

How many miles are on the odometer?
Have you maintained it at least as well as the vehicle mfr specifies?

With the currently-high cost of used cars as well as new cars, it is very unlikely that you could find a decent used car for the same price as the listed repairs for your current car, so as long as there isn’t extensive rust damage, and as long as you’ve properly maintained it over the past 5 years, it would probably be better at this point to repair your current car.


After reading that run on post twice I wonder if all that can be done for 1000.00 . The subframe is what needs to have a second opinion .


Unfortunately you are between a rock and a hard place.
As noted by VDC and Volvo, the condition of the subframe is critical. I suspect repairs and bringing maintenance up to date will be much more than a $1000.

While I didn’t comment earlier on that estimate, I agree that $1k seems very low for that list of repairs. Just tires will run several hundred $$, and the cost of parts + labor for the other repairs would almost surely push that estimate up much higher than $1k.

But, the question remains…
How much would it cost the OP to buy another used car that is in good condition?
Most likely, it would be more than $3k.


It passed inspection last year? Of course.

That is always the best advice in cases like these. What would it cost you to replace the car and would it need money spent on it, too

When they pull the subframe they will probably have to replace the control arms that are likely “rust welded” to the subframe. They cannot be torched off since that will melt the bushings. That will add another couple of hundred to the bill. When my 1999 Accord (same generation) needed this repair it ended up being about $1,200 before we addressed all the other concerns. Good luck!

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What are you getting at? A year later, more extensive rust.