2002 Grand caravan


I have 2002 Dodge Grand caravan which has only 40,000 miles on it. Recently I noticed that in the early morning( or after prolong idle engine) when I start the car, the car starts shaking as if the engine going to stop any time. However, after sometime it becomes stabilized. Then when I startd driving it seems loosing power ( it does not accelerate even I press hard the gas pedal). This happens occassionally. I would really appreciate if you can please give me a clue what might go wrong before I take it to the mechanic.


To help out, tell us what maintenance you have done to the car, during the 40K. Changed plugs, air filter, gas filter? When? Any check engine light or codes? Even though your maintenance schedule may not require it yet, I would start with a basic tune up and filter change, and then diagnose from there.

If the “Check Engine Light” turns on it would be good to check the error codes to look for clues to the trouble there. Since making chages to the throttle doesn’t make changes in the engine the throttle position sensor may have some trouble. It could be something else also.