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2002 Ford Taurus - wouldn't start, now it does

This morning I got in my “get out of debt” car, and attempted to start it. The engine cranked like a pro, but it would not turn over. It was running fine yesterday. I looked under the hood and noticed my coolant tank was empty. I added coolant up to the cold fill line. Checked the oil… a little low, but not by much. Still wouldn’t start. So I called my insurance and had them send a tow truck. About an hour later, the tow truck arrived. The guy got in my car, and now it started right up.

I opted not to take it to the repair shop because they said they could look it over for hours and still not come up with anything. But what would cause an issue like this?

Car specs:
2002 Ford Taurus 4-cylinder (basic model)
Automatic trans
The car does have multiple oil leaks and a slow coolant leak
I believe there also may be a fuel pressure leak somewhere. Sometimes the gas cap light comes on (even tho I’ve replaced the gas cap). If the light stays on for a couple days, the check engine light sometimes comes on as well. However after a couple days, they both turn off again.