2002 Ford Focus Cold weather right front grinding noise

I have a well maintained 2002 focus, z-tech, 5 spd manual with 225K. When starting in 50 degree or less temp I get a grinding/rumbling/vibration noise that can become more pronounced when turning right. As the car warms up the noise decreases. When the wheel is straight the noise goes away unless you hit a dip in the road. You would almost say it is a strut. When in a continuous right hand turn (on ramp) and cold the noise is there and makes you think it is a bearing or hub issue but it goes away when warm. THe noise also comes and goes when letting off the gas while still in gear or even when the clutch is pushed in. When cold and rolling slow and turning slight right it almost sounds like metal crunching/grinding. I have some normal in and out half shaft play but do not detect any up and down shaft u-joint play. Sway bar links, tie rod ends, ball joints, etc are all solid and rulled out as a cause. I recently fixed the exhaust including the bracket at the bottom of the cat converter, replaced the PS high pressure line and then started noticing the noise but the weather has also become cold at the same time. Car runs fine , drives straight and does not vibrate at any speed. Could this be the PS motor mount problem? Prior to the noise starting the car also experienced wet slippery grass turns both left and right but no major bumps. Any help is appreciated -