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2002 ford explorer starter problems

I just recently bought an 02 ford explorer and it has had problems starting on a few occasions. The first time I just jumped, the next time it started right up the next morning and the last time I just waited about 30 minutes. I had the charging system checked and it came out just fine, any thoughts?

Did you also have the battery tested?

Check the connections at both ends of the battery cables and the engine-to-chassis ground. Make sure they are all clean and tight.

Checked connections, replaced the starter and the fuses seem fine. Lights come on and everything seems to be getting juice from the battery but it refuses to crank up.

Do you mean that the starter does not turn? Was the engine was hot or cold? Does the starter turn but the engine not fire up?

the starter doesn’t turn at all, when you turn the key stereo and everything comes on, but it doesn’t turn. I’ve tried it both hot and cold with the same results.

When you try to start it and turn the key is there a “Click” sound?

there seems to be a faint click sound but it doesn’t seem like the starter is turning at all.

Faulty starter solenoid?

Intermittent starting faults can be hard to locate.

Worn ignition?

so it had been a few weeks and today it did it again. it had actually done it before but pressing on the gas while starting usually it would start right up. Today no such luck, had it towed and get it home and of course starts right up. I’m totally stumped at this point.