2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4wd problem

I see this post is from 2008 so, has anyone come up with a possible solution for the problem. I’m having the same problem on my 2002 sport trac. Whenever I shift to 4 wheel drive it mangos like crazy when mobile. I was thinking chain but now not so sure. 150Ks

I don’t see a 2008 post attached to your post…what road conditions are you using your 4WD (and are you in low or high?)?

Using it in a bit of snow sand and even on the road.
Just tried changing the oil, no luck.
Always 4 high, very seldom use 4 low.


It mangos like mad ???

Not sure where mangos came from however, the 08 post described the problem of severe banging/snapping when in 4 wheel drive. It’s fine in two wheel drive. Seems to pound all through the drive train.
Happens under all conditions. Was suspecting the transfer case but now am not sure.
First time here folks , please bear with me.
Any recommendations/ suggestions ?

Are you going to fix this yourself ? If not then a mechanic is going to give you the answer. If too expensive do you really need four wheel drive because it sounds like you may have damaged it using it in places where you should not have.

It sounds like it is coming from the transfer case or you may have a fluid coupled differential for the 4WD mode. Some version of 4WD (like my Ford truck) will do this when driven on the highway in 4WD mode b/c they aren’t designed for that. They need the wheels to slip a little so must be driven on dirt or gravel roads only in 4WD mode. Check the fluid levels all around of course, especially the transfer case and differentials.

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It’s a 4 we drive Volvo. I use it in snow, on ice or in mud.
Isn’t that what they are made for.

Hi George, the thing has been working fine. But lately whenever I’m in 4x4 high, I imagine low as well, I’m getting this banging. My first thought was the timing chain but I’m not familiar with this transfer case and am not sure.
I’m hoping to hear from someone who has had the problem and get their thoughts before I tear it down or replace it.


I messed up my original entry. However, it is happening in high and low.

Check the U joints on the front drive shaft.
Sure sounds like a bad U joint.