2002 Ford Explorer - Powertrain problems

ford 2002 to 2005 transforcase start to fall apart after 100.000 to120.000 miles then start to make transmission to shift harder and can damage it like grinding in rev, bang into drive speedo slows down 10 times faster than car(exsplorer -sporttrac) transforcase make transmission work aghast its self

Twenty year old vehicle. How was it maintained? How long did you ignore problems?
Did you try to use the four wheel drive before it was fully engaged?
2002-2005, how is it you do not know the year of your vehicle?

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It’s no surprise that a failed transfer case causes problems. Do you have a question or are you just venting?

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Well, entering its 21st year, the only good news is the problems are about to be history as the old Explorer reaches its end of life. Consumer Reports is the best place to start when looking for a new car and one wants the best reliability in a given segment. J.D. Power is also a great resource and just updated its vehicle dependability study. Kia and Hyundai now lead in this regard. Toyota & Lexus are always a good bet. All three have top-ranked three-row SUVs if you are still looking for one that size.

I nearly had a stroke trying to read that. But the standard advice applies. Take it to in independent mechanic or transmission shop, and get a real diagnosis. I don’t think the transfer case will outright make the transmission work against itself even if it’s failing. But it could certainly could cause more resistance in the driveline if failed.

Well the Ford Explorer was the #1 vehicle turned in back in the “Cash for Clunkers” day


Cash for clunkers was a bad title, program was to get people to buy more efficient vehicles.
Many a good engine was destroyed due to that program.

Aside from that, I prefer the old mechanic shift transfer cases to the electronically controlled “shift on the fly”. I messed mine up, display says shift in progress, then 4X4, then returns to odometer display, I was driving as soon as it said 4X4, mechanic said I needed need to wait until display back to odometer. Fortunately fixed under warranty.