2002 Elantra GT misfires during acceleration

My 2002 Elantra GT misfires during acceleration especially when getting on interstate. When the engine is cold it will accelerate smoothly, but misfires when warm and under load during acceleration. The check engine light flickers on during prolonged acceleration, but does not stay on so there is no record of malfunction on the diagnostic computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

When was the last time that the spark plugs were replaced?

The plugs were changed 6 June 09 @ 52612 miles.

Since we don’t know how many miles are on it now, 52612K doesn’t say much, but presumably the plugs don’t have that many miles on them.

Were the wires done at the same time?

How are the fuel and air filters? If even close, I’d replace them.

Have the fuel pressure checked under load.

Current mileage is 58,000. Wires were not changed. Fuel filter was changed June 09. Air filter looks okay. Engine runs fine at interstate speeds and idles fine. Engine will accelerate smoothly when cold, but starts to misfire during acceleration after it warms. How do I check fuel pressure under load?