2002 Durango Transmision Fluid


How difficult is on this unit to change the transmission fluid. Have read different info on the net. One evne said to remove the pan and run the engine to flush the fluid.

I can do this, have done work on My cars always(brakes, replaced radiator, water pump, brake cylindres etc).

Just want to know the wright way.


You DO NOT want to run the engine with pan off the transmission. If you do this all the transmission fluid will be pumped out of the transmission and you’ll burn up the pump.



This is one of the most bone-headed pieces of ‘advise’ I’ve ever heard. By running the engine with the trans oil pan off means running the trans oil pump dry. This will DESTROY the pump.

The proper way:

  • Remove the transmission oil pan bolts, leaving one corner for last to control the tilt of the pan to drive the transmission fluid to the opposite corner. Easier to control the release of the transmission fluid this way.

  • Replace the transmission filter following the directions from the shop manual or the filter manufacturer if the shop manual doesn’t cover this. Make sure any o-rings and gaskets are properly in place as you install.

  • Clean the pan, the magnet at the bottom of the pan, and the gasket surfaces on the pan and transmission.

  • Reinstall transmission pan with new clean gasket. Do not use a liquid sealer on the gasket. Many gaskets have bolt holes a tad smaller than the bolts. You can use this to place the bolts into each of the bolt holes and through the gasket to hold it in place. Turn each bolt until each bolt is a couple of threads into the transmission case, then run them all down to the torque specs. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLTS. Overtightening will warp the pan and cause leaks.

  • Refill with trans fluid as specified in the owner’s manual. This method will change out about 40% of the trans fluid, so you’ll add a lot less than full capacity. Once there is plenty of fluid, as noticed by the dipstick, start the engine. Keep adding fluid until the dipstick reads full. Check for leaks.

  • Take the truck for a short drive to warm up the transmission. Park on a level surface and recheck the trans fluid level once warm and top off as required.

I have run engines FOR A FEW SECONDS with the pan off… There is plenty of oil to lubricate the pump for that period of time…5 seconds won’t hurt anything. 15 seconds is too long…This will get another quart or two out but it can be messy…