2002 Dodge Stratus R/T Starter

I want to buy a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe

The only thing wrong with it is that it needs a new starter which I can get for around $50.

I have a very basic knowledge of a car and am wondering if you think it would be possible for me to replace the starter on the spot, so what are the steps to replacing the starter if if can tell me.

Also if this would need somebody with more experience I might be able to give my friend a few bucks to come do it for me while I buy the car.

Have a good independent mechanic check this vehicle out before you consider buying it. I have a feeling that a bad starter is just the beginning of the problems that will be found. Buyer beware.

is the starter an used one ? a rebuilt one is over a hundred dollars ffor the coupe , just be sure they (person saling you the sarter knows its the 2 door and not nthe four door car )the 2 cars have nothing in commen other then the name “Dodge”

If it is an automatic transmission, make sure you drive it at all speeds. The automatics are not reliable.