2002 Dodge Dakota

Hi, I have a 2002 Dakota (160+ K Mi) that won’t start in certain damp weather… Mostly when it’s warm (i think it consistently starts when it’s cold and damp. not 100% sure tho). I can hear the fuel pump kick in, and it will turn over like a champ, just wont ‘fire’. Once the temp drops or the humidity lessens, it fires up (it does sometimes sound ‘choked’ at first, but it runs great after that.) I’ve tried fuel treatment, and a stocking with crystal cat litter in the engine compartment to absord moisture, but no dice. Any ideas? Thanx!

plug wires

I secone the plug wires. Whitle it may not bet them, if they are original they are well past due for replacement.

If you have a distributor in your truck,replace the rotor and cap. What engine do you have ?