2002 Cougar - Engine Hesitation


2002 Mercury Cougar. Engine hesitates very often. It happens at all RPMs… accelerating from zero or on highway. Doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot. I’ve had sparkplugs replaced with no luck. BTW, this car is not involved in the fuel pump recall, I have checked. Any ideas? I have tried fuel additive cleaners with no luck. I would appreciate any help!


These suggestions are from a Haynes manual for my Olds Silhouette:

Ignition system not operating properly,
Clogged or dirty fuel injectors,
Low fuel pressure. (Check pump operation and perhaps replace fuel filter)
Emissions or engine control system components faulty.


In this case I would add plug wires at the bottom of Roadrunners list.


do you know any thing about 2000 cougar 2.0 timing?


you can e mail me at tj42986@yahoo.com about the timing thanks