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2002 Chevy Silverado CEL flashing then stops

I have a 2002 chevy silverado 1500 that starts fine the first time i start it but if i shut it off and let it set for 5 or more minutes it has a problem cranking over for about ten or more seconds and i have to pump the gas to get it to fire up. Recently my check engine light flashes for about ten to 15 seconds whenever i turn left or right or accelerating from a red light or stop sign. It quits blinking and just stays illuminated on straight ways or curves. I have the oil changed as signaled by the message center. I have not changed spark plugs or wires. Im not sure if that can be my problem or not. The truck has 250,000+ miles and i bought it used with 244,000 miles. Bought it from a car lot and they did not know how the truck had been maintained. When i bought the truck the CEL was on and has been ever since but just recently started its flashing. Sometimes i smell gas when i first start it. Thought it could be fuel in the exhaust because i can smell it from the tail pipe. But sometimes i can smell it in the cab but it goes away after like 2-3 minutes. Truck kind of shivers in neutral and park but not horribly. If you need anymore information just ask. Trying to figure out what is wrong and if anyone has had the same issues.

We need more info…

The light is telling you something is wrong, why are you ignoring it and not getting it serviced?

What error codes are stored in the truck that keep the check engine light (CEL) on?

Why did you buy it with the CEL on?

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Get the OBD II code read and tell us what it is in the form of P9999, and we can hopefully give you some informed answers.

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You need to stop driving the truck until it’s determined what’s causing the flashing Check Engine light.

It means a major misfire is occurring. and damage to engine/catalytic converter(s) is occurring.


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I had bought the truck because i needed a vehicle quickly for work at the time. My previous truck was totalled when i was hit by a drunk driver and it was just my luck that he didnt have insurance. I did but liability only. I have had the truck for over two years and i only drive it when i need to. It has been running fine until recently. But i will update when i get the code

CEL on—If it was a low cost fix, the seller would have fixed it.
Drunk Driver— Did you choose to not sue him/her?

Thats true and he owes restitution for the accident because he had nothing to take. Hasnt paid a dime. I think he is still locked up

Ah yes, hard to get money from an inmate, chances you will never see it.
Good luck.

A friend of mine has a 2003 Silverado with a very similar problem. The CEL comes on periodically, usually when trying to take a hill. Engine kind of sputters a bit, but then returns to normal.

He’s spend untold amounts of money (at the dealer, sadly) supposedly “fixing” the problem, and it’s still not fixed. So he just keeps driving it, and will until it falls apart.

Don’t know if that helps, but good luck.

Thank you both. I have the codes now

  1. P0300
  2. P0440
  3. P0300
  4. P0332
  5. P0440

300 is a random misfire, 440 is evaporative emissons, and 332 is EGR related. Any of those could cause rough running and a gas smell.

Odds are it needs plugs and wires BUT, if the truck were mine I would run a compression test on all cylinders after removing the old plugs. At 19 years of age and with a quarter of a million miles a compression test is a must IMO.

If the compression is down on some or all cylinders then a careful decision has to be made as to whether a hefty sum of money should be spent correcting that compression issue or throw in the towel on it.
One thing you do not want to do (and this happens frequently) is that someone will spend a lot of time and money replacing parts right and left and ending up with the same problem they had to begin with.

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