2002 chevy pickup

running lean on bank1 and bank2 i put autolite platimun plugs in and still same

[b]For this condition, the first thing to look for is any air/vacuum leaks after the Mass Air Flow sensor.

Next, a dirty/contaminated/defective Mass Air Flow Sensor.

And last, an exhaust leak before the #1 O2 sensor.


Besides the first post, if the fuel pump is weak, then you will have lean conditions on both banks (because the VCM has to “add” fuel—richen mixture to compensate).

There is a honeycomb screen in front of the MAF sensor, any chance of that missing? Some people thinks that removing it increases performance, but all that removing it does is screw up the MAF sensor reading.

yes i think the fuel pump is weak it wines when it gets down to a 1/4 tank of gas

no it is still there

but would the pump cause lack of take off power?

I also have a 2002 silverado. This problem has happened to me a couple times in the past few years. Both times I fixed it simply by adding a can of “Sea Foam” to my gas and clearing the code. Not sure if it’ll work for you or not, but for only $6, it’s worth a shot.