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2002 chevy Malibu won't start

I have an '02 malibu that got hot and now won’t start I have pulled the plugs and there isn’t any water in the cyliders. And none in the oil Any ideas what to check next would be appreciated.

Give us some more info, How did it overheat? How long did it overheat for? Did it overheat and quit running and hasn’t run since? Does the car crank over? If so does it try to start?

as soon as the temp gauge went up we pulled over and shut if off to let it cool down.after it cooled dow it would not restart. it turns over fine and tries to start it also has little over 1/4 tank of gas.

The crankshaft position sensor may have been damaged when the engine overheated.

Or the ignition control module may have been damaged when the engine overheated.

Both of these components can suffer damage when exposed to excessive heat.

You can try spraying starting fluid into the intake to see if the engine will try to start. If not, then it’s an ignition problem.


I have a feeelig it something major checked the coolant level ( closed system) added water to the surge tank, crannked it over and it blew the cap off the surge tank

That’s not a good sign. Did it start? If it did this just cranking it, something internal broke. Big Time.

no it didn’t start