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2002 Chevrolet Avalanche - No transmission fluid change?

I have 225000 miles on my vehicle why are they advising against transmission fluid change? I grew up being told to regularly change all fluids as preventative maintenance why has this now changed?

Take it somewhere else.

If you’ve maintained the transmission fluid all this time, keep doing it.

That’s how you’ve made it to 225K miles on this vehicle.



Who is they? If the maintenance calls for trans fluid changes do it.

Remove the pan

drain the fluid . . . your pan may or may not have a drain plug

replace the filter

reattach pan with new gasket

fill new fluid


Don’t listen to shops that tell you not to service the transmission

Don’t listen to shops that tell you that they just want to flush it without dropping the pan or replacing the filter


You are being told not to change it because the shop is afraid if the trans fails a week after the fluid change the shop will be blamed. It is an old mechanics tale that changing fluid in an older trans will cause it to fail. Like all the previous posters, find another shop.

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