2002 Buick Century overheated with white smoke

My car overheated and now it is puffing out white smoke out the exhaust. What should I do now?

What engine?

When you say “overheated” do you mean the coolant temperature went all the way into the red, and there was steam coming from under the hood?

Does the coolant look like moccha frappucino?

Are you planning on doing the repair(s) yourself, or paying a shop?

If you’re doing it yourself, it could make financial sense to fix the engine, depending on the car’s condition, and how well you’ve maintained it

If you’re planning on paying a shop, it’s probably not worth it

As for that white smoke, you’re sure it wasn’t doing it before overheating?

There’s no way it’s just vapor on cold mornings, before the engine has fully warmed up?