2002 Buick Century died at stop, check engine light is now on and doesn't want to start sometimes

The car died on me the other day at a stoplight but started up again (It resisted for a sec but then caught). Now it’s taking a bit to start and sounds very faint when it finally catches and the turn over is slow. I’m no mechanic but I can replace parts. I’m just wondering if it’s the fuel pump or injectors, maybe low fuel pressure. I haven’t had a chance to do anything to it. Any suggestions on where to start?


How old is that battery?

Please get the fault codes read and post them here

You could have a fuel pressure problem, but get the codes read first

How do I get the fault codes? And I’m not sure about the battery, it’s my gf’s car. I’d imagine it’s atleast a year or so, how can I tell how old it is?

You can get the fault codes read at Autozone or Avance. They can also test the battery for free.