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2001fors Taurus shuts off

I noticed my serpentine belt started squeaking about 3 days ago. And yesterday as I was driving to work I heard a clicking sound coming from the left side of the hood, then my car started to gradually shut down and white smoke was coming from the engine. When I got to the stoplight it completely turned off, but I was able to turn it back on again to turn into the parking lot before it shut off again. When I checked it there were no visible leaks, my reservoir for my coolant was still full, and my meter never went up indicating that my car was over heating. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but after it sits for awhile it is able to turn back on again for a while. Can anyone help me please?

A reservoir full of coolant does not mean the engine is full of coolant.
And if the temp sensor is in air rather than coolant, the gage will not be reading correctly, and that typically means it will sense a much cooler temp than it should.

Stop starting it until it’s towed to a shop and diagnosed. You may be doing more and more damage to it every time you do.

I don’t know if this car is one of those that seals the coolant circuit with the intake manifold gasket. Hopefully it is and that’s what’s failed. Otherwise, you may have a breeched head gasket.

Post back with what the shop finds.

The camshaft synchronizer failing is a known problem with the Vulcan V6 base engine in the Taurus. The synchronizer replaced the distributor on these engines.

I have a 2003 Taurus, when I first got it I replaced the serpentine belt due to noise. It wasn’t the belt, a failing synchronizer will make squeaking or similar noises. It is located on the driver’s side of the engine. I don’t know what caused the white smoke. There is a gear at the end of the synchronizer shaft that drives the oil pump. Worst case, a synchronizer failure could take out the oil pump.

Ed B.

One other guess, if the alternator is on that belt routing, it may be slipping or otherwise malfunctioning and the charging system isn’t keeping up with the engine’s electrical needs and over time the battery charge is getting lower and lower. Besides the ideas above, suggest to have the charging system tested.