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2001 vw passat

just bought this car yesterday without my dad and now the check engine light is on so i took it in to see and it say "code po430 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2:

what does that mean. sounds like its going to mean $$$

If you are very lucky, this will “just” entail replacing an oxygen sensor, fixing some wiring, or fixing an exhaust leak.
If you are not lucky, it will entail replacing the catalytic converter. (translation=$$$)

It is very likely that the seller of the car cleared the stored trouble codes in order to sell you his trouble-plagued old car. I assume that you did not have your mechanic inspect the car prior to purchase. If that is the case, this could be a very expensive lesson for you regarding what to do–and what not to do–when buying a used car.

Many VW models of that era–including the '01 Passat–are among the most trouble-prone cars of the era.
In fact, this model appears on the Consumer Reports list of “Used Cars to Avoid”.

Overall, this model has a much higher than normal frequency of repair, with the major trouble spots being the engine itself, the fuel injection system, the ignition system, and the electrical system. In addition to having a car vetted by your mechanic prior to purchase, checking the statistics on a particular model’s repair record is also a very important thing to do before buying a car.

If this car was purchased from a dealership, there might be a warranty stating that they are responsible for costs relating to making it possible for the car to pass the state inspection process. If the car was purchased from a private source, there is no warranty.

Good luck!

thank you for the info. we found out the 2 main catalytic converters need replaced. but for $2000 it will run fine without replacing. we do not live in an area where we have to pass any smog test so…it is what it is…and your right lesson learned. thanks. next time we will differently check the cars to avoid list, didnt know they had that list. thanks again