2001 Toyota Solara V6 - Emissions/Engine light on

The engine light on my 2001 Toyota Solara V6 keeps coming on with a code that indicates the Catalytic convertor. The convertor has been replaced 3 times with Mineke non-OEM replacements. The O2 sensor on the muffler has also been replaced.

Question to you all, is there any other repair that can be done to correct this short of Toyota doing a full, $3200 exhaust replacement?

I believe Toyota might have a software flash to address this issue. Obviously the 3 cats that were installed did NOT fix the problem. Neither did the oxygen sensor.
Perhaps it’s time to take it to the local Toyota dealer. Meineke and the like will be more than happy to keep selling you cats. That is not the place I would go to for hard core diagnosis.

You can also take your vehicle in to a good, independent mechanic. I agree with db4690 that Meineke is not a good place to have a CEL problem properly diagnosed. The problem is something other that the catalytic converter or an O2 sensor. Throwing parts at a problem will not fix it…it will just drain your wallet.

Meineke has an interest in selling you that cat.

No offense, but if you want to keep getting cats, go to the animal shelter.

Just so you know, catalytic converters are often killed by blown head gaskets, misfires, leaking fuel injectors, severe oil consumption, etc.
No cat is going to survive long term if any of the above are present.
Does any of what I mentioned sound familiar?

By the way, which oxygen sensor did you replace?
Front or rear?