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2001 subaru forester loses power and misses

My car randomly loses power and misses particularly when its lugged down - it will work fine for random lengths of time. It started after I got a new tank of gas at an ARCO - not sure if that is relevant. I put in some heet - not sure that helped. I replaced the anti-knock sensor about 9 months ago (not sure if that is relevant).

Forgot to add that the check engine light does not come on.

If your car was truely missing, your CEL should have come on, at least temporarily, and it should set a “misfire detected” code, at the minimum a pending code. So I would suspect something other than a miss. You could have gotten bad bad, and some heat in the fuel tank could be just the ticket it needed and will get better with time if your gas had water in it. But if you had gas contaminated with dirt, it could be partially plugging your fuel filter. You might start with changing your fuel filter. Putting a gage on your fuel rail will do no good unless you can observe the gage when your car acts up. So the easiest thing to do is change the filter and go from there. We’re assuming your air filter is good and all the other maintenance requirements have been kept up with.