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2001 Pontiac Radiator Fans

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am with the v6, A/T and my problem is that the radiator fans are not operating.

1. They will operate when the A/C compressor has been charged. I have been told that this is the ?override? built into the system, but the seals are leaking and when the pressure is past the low point and stops so do the fans. I have been driving in the cool weather keeping an eye on the engine temp, but now that warm weather is on the way I guess I had better fix this.

2. I can get the fans to operate if I unplug the temp sending unit on the motor, but I loose the gauge. When the fans are running, I can remove the relays one at a time and each fan will stop.

Do I need to reprogram the On Board Computer, or is there something else that needs replaced?

The compressor won’t operate when the refrigerant level is low. This is a safety feature to prevent damage to the compressor. The fans run when the compressor runs. No compressor, no fans.

Is there another temperature sender in the radiator? Check that one, too.

I have called myself looking, but I will try again if you think there is one…

It sounds like you have to replace the temp sending unit on the motor, or perhaps make sure the coolant level in the block isn’t low enough to have that temp sensor sitting in an air pocket rather than hot coolant. If that sensor doesn’t sense hot coolant at a high enough temp it won’t send a voltage signal that lets the fan run.

I think it is touching the coolant. This morning it ran around 195 and this afternoon if I get caught by a red light, it will move up to 205/210 and will move back down when I get moving forcing cool air through the radiator. I will still check it out.

Maybe, the radiator cooling fans aren’t coming on because they DON’T NEED TO! What temperature are the fans SUPPOSED to come on at? The engine won’t be approaching overheat until the engine coolant temperature gets to about 240F degrees. Boil over, in a healthy system, occurs at about 260F degrees.