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2001 outback 143K has intermittent noise

My Subaru outback has a strange noise like a hum or a yaga oohm…intermitently in what seems like the left front end or side of the car. It started 6 months ago after an a.c repair at my mechanics. Since then I have had the radiator blow and the transmission hoses blow requiring towing and necessary repairs…I wonder if this undiagnosed “noise” had caused these issues and it is going to cause mre damage to my engine. WHat could these noises be. Seems more in hot weather…

Check the heat shields on the exhaust system. One of them may be loose.

which side is the ac pump on? do you have power steering, and if so which side is it on? In short, if a pump is failing it could be making this noise, and the side the noise is on, will be the side the pump is on.

The AC compressor is on the left front of the engine.

There is, however, no connection between the AC compressor and the radiator or the transmission cooler lines.

If you open the hood can you tell where the noise is coming from?

the new problem may not be in any way related to the ones that have been recently fixed.