2001 Oldsmobile aurora

I have a 2001 olds Aurora and need a power steering pressure pump and the oil pan needs replaced which I understand is very labor intensive. How much can I expect to pay for these repairs?

The power steering pump just bolts on and is no big thing once you buy the pump. The oil pan is another matter. To replace the oil pan gasket requires pulling the engine or pulling the transmission-one or the other. Can’t believe this will get done for less than $1200 but best bet is a dealer that has experience. Although a higher labor rate, it’ll more likely get done right.

Why does the engine oil pan need to be replaced? Is it damaged, or, is it leaking? If a dealer diagnosed the oil pan as leaking, they won’t try to give you any alternatives but to change the oil pan gasket. Well, there are alternatives: 1. If it’s leaking only a little, leave it be; but, check the engine oil level regularly. 2. Go to an independent mechanic and let him snug the oil pan bolts. It can help. 3. If snugging the bolts didn’t slow the leak enough, or, even, stop it from leaking, the mechanic can reseal the oil pan in situ (without taking the oil pan completely off). The mechanic would remove the oil pan bolts, and let the oil pan come down as far as the crossbeams, steering linkage, or suspension, will allow. Jacking the engine up could give a bit more room to work on the gasket surfaces. Wipe the sealing surfaces. Apply RTV sealant to the old gasket surface (the oil in the oil pan isn’t under pressure). Or, scrape off the old gasket, install the new gasket (work the gasket under the crankshaft and piston rod ends, and oil pump pick up), and reinstall the oil pan. Test drive. A little more RTV sealant may be needed. Savings: hours of work, and hundreds of dollars. Of course, you’ll hear from many mechanics, “Oh, it just CAN’T be done, and if it’s done, it won’t hold up!” Find a mechanic who is willing to try something a little different. //// Why does it need a power steering pump? It may not. Have your independent mechanic / shop determine that.

Hellokit, Thanks for the advice. I have had a slow oil leak for over a year and was advised to let it go. In the last 2 months it began to leak alot…puddles of oil on my garage floor. It takes at least a quart a week. As for the Power steering pump…I should have said power steering pressure hose. From time to time all the fluid leaks out (all at once) and I have to put more in. I’ll talk to my garage about your “fix” for the oil leak problem, but since I’m a woman and not a very agressive one they will probably be able to bamboozle me.