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2001 nissan frontier 4 cl 2wd idle issues/stalling

2001 nissan frontier
2.4 liter engine
My idle is rough
I love my truck, its old…
But this thing still looks brand new from the outside. Most reliable vehicle ive ever owned.
Its idle is rough
Started throwing catalitic converter errors which is no shock as the muffler is in rough condition, well no biggie…
Then suddenly it dies and wont start. Mechanic said it was a bad EGR,
The EGR intake is currently blocked because as a short term fix to stop my engine from stalling
(Went to ok tire, mechanic did this)
But a week after it stalled again.
Changed spark plugs, ran good for a day, then stalled, so I peek at my spark plugs again to make sure the clearance is right, adjust and bam i fires right up.
Now here i am with the rough idle.
The thing is… i had noticed a white color on 2 of the plugs, looked not right, mental noted but didnt really think about it then…

I am thinking mass airflow sensor?
Fuel injectors?
I need my baby to run perfect again.

Remove the Idle Air Control valve from the throttle body, and clean it and the throttle body with throttle body cleaner.,2001,frontier,2.4l+l4+dohc,1374500,fuel+&+air,idle+air+control+(iac)+valve,6072

If that doesn’t solve the stalling problem, the IAC valve may require replacement.


Ill give it a go, thank you