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2001 Nissan Altima Idling Fast in Neutral

I have a 2001 Nissan Altima with a manual transmission - probably the only one ever made since the mechanics laugh at it when they realize it isn’t an automatic. Anyway, when you push in the clutch or put it in neutral the car will rev up to 2000 RPM’s and stay that high for around 5 or 6 seconds then goes back to regular idle speed. I took it to my mechanic and after getting an estimate of $3300 for replacing all the hoses, a manifold gasket, and that my CV boots were bad, I told him to drop dead. Long story short, a friend said we did need the new CV boots and the manifold gasket was bad and to get them replaced a a different shop, of course. So the new mechanic calls and says that it is still reving like it did and that we need to replace the Idle Air Control Motor or Value (depending on verbage). He wants to charge $800-$1100 to fix it. Again I feel like I am gettings screwed here since the part is only $150. Can anyone first tell me is this sounds like a correct diagnosis and $650 in labor? really? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated to me and my pocket book!!

I’m not familiar with your vehicle, but that sounds like thats most likely the issue. But according to ALLDATA labor guide(auto industry accepted guide for labor times)… the time to install an idle speed actuator is .6 of an hour. So if we are talking about the same part, yes… you are getting ripped off! Naturally this would not include any diagnostics involved, but that really shouldnt be anything more than an hours time.