2001 nissan altama

it was suggested in my recent question that related to the heat gauge. The gauge was “bouncing” from normal to cold except at idle it will stay at normal.I replaced the temp sensor. I still have the same problem. What about the temp sending unit? any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Bert

I haven’t been through the latest posts so I havern’t seen your related post.

In future, post further related questions on the starter post so we can read the past history.

Loose/damaged or dirty (connections) wires can cause your problem too.

Did you do the other suggestions? I believe that the problem is the thermostat. But, since this car is now 7 years old, You are overdue for a cooling system flush-n-fill, complete with a new radiator cap and thermostat. And, by flush, I mean with clean water only, not chemicals. Chemical flush should be done only if there is sediment (rust) or contamination, like oil. Most temperature fluctuations like this are due to a faulty thermostat.