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2001 Mustang V6 won't start...cold weather?

2 times recently my Mustang didn’t want to start. The first time was on the first cold day of the season (mid 40s probably), mid-morning, after I had already driven it to work a few hours before. The second time was just now, after the coldest night of the season so far. It was around freezing last night. It revs, but won’t kick over. I let it sit for a little while, tried it again, and it started up fine. I plan to take it to the shop to get it looked at, but since I am not very knowledgable about cars, I thought maybe someone could help? I’d rather have an idea of what it could be and what it should cost before I go in and get taken advantage of. Thanks in advance!

2 times recently my Mustang didn’t want to start.

That could mean many different things. How about some more detail?

Your turn key then what happens?

Does the key turn?
Do lights light up?
Do you hear anything?

  • Does it sound like the starter turning the engine over?
    ** Does it sound like it usually does turning over?
  • Is it just a click?
  • Do the lights dim when you turn the key?
  • Any unexpected smells?
  • What color is your car?

To me, it sounds like you probably just need a tune-up. With today’s cars, a tune-up is new plugs, wires if necessary, a PVC valve check/replacement, and an air filter check/replacement. The onboard engine management system keeps constant check of the other parameters, including ignition timing, that keeps a car running as near ‘tuned’ as possible.

Typically, cars will have a harder time starting in cooler temps. But, low 40s is not really that cold. I think worn spark plugs may be the answer here. 7 years, and anywhere above 60,000 miles with today’s platinum plugs is about right. 100,000 miles is really pushing it. Anything above 100,000 and these plugs are garbage.

Everything works (lights, radio, etc). No clicking, it does sound like it usually does turning over, it just doesn’t actually turn over.

I think you might be right. I’m at 98k miles and I think my manual says tune up at 100k. I get all my mile maintenance and oil/filter changes, and take it in anytime I hear/feel something wierd. They’re usually pretty good about telling me when I need something.
I thought my spark plugs might be newer…but I’d have to check. Thank you!!!

I seem to be having the same issue with my 2002 V6 Mustang which only has 53K miles on it - have you found a resolution yet? Thanks.

Is the theft light flashing when you try and start it? It could be a defective key or theft system if it is. Fords disable the fuel pump when the key signal is not detected, they will turn over fine but not fire up.

Hey gmreeder I am having the same, exact problem. I also have a 2001 V6 Mustang. I recently moved from San Diego to Chicago. My car has difficulty starting in the cold as well. I changed the battery two days ago and it seemed to fix the problem. I went again today to start my car and it sounded like it was going to start, but didn’t. Did you ever find out what the deal was?

I have been having the same problem i recently had my car rekeyed and the new key has issues in the cold i switched back to my old key and it fired right up. It might be a coding issue and the old codes might just need to be erased as to not confuse the computer

I guess there is a reason to revive this 10 year old thread but it seems that you know what your starting problem is .