2001 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class - current draw when car is off

What is the current draw from the battery when the car is OFF?

Any electrical device in a vehicle that draws current from the battery when vehicle is turned off.

Things like a glove box or trunk light that doesn’t turn off.

Or a module that doesn’t go to sleep when the vehicle is turned off.

Or a module that wakes back up after the vehicle has been turned off.

Any of these can draw a battery down over time where the battery isn’t able to operate the starter.


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Not sure specifically for this car but anything over about 50 milliamps is too much. That is 0.050 amps.


So has the parasitic draw been checked and if so how much was it?

The draws on my Lincolns and the Lincoln my son used to own was pretty high when the key was first turned off. It was in the neighborhood of 700 Milliamperes before the electronics went to sleep and then it would drop (after 45 minutes or so) to about 75 Ma.

A shaky battery could make that the above situation much worse.