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2001 Mazda Miata AC

I have a 2001 Miata. It’s been over 100 degrees daily lately. The AC will blow sort of cold for about 30 minutes and the temp gauge will move towards the H hashmarks. If I turn the AC off, the gauge will slowly drop. I’ve also noticed that the amount of cold air is decreasing as time passes. In fact, the other day, the system was blowing air hotter than the outside temperature after about an hour drive.

The viewing glass has bubbling stuff flowing thru it. The recently flushed radiator is full as is the overflow reservoir.

If there’s bubbles flowing thru the sight glass, it means the AC system is low on refrigerant. As to the the temp gauge rising , check the front of the condenser in front of the radiator for bugs and debris that may be restricting air flow.


Your A/C needs to be serviced. It’s $ well spent. Get thee to an automotive service center that can evaluate/evac/recharge your A/C, (not an oil change place).