2001 mazda 626 jerking

our 2001 mazda 626 has begun to run rough(shaking the car) when idling at a stop sign or stop light and once that begins when we push on the gas to move from 1st to second there is a huge jerk. If the airconditioning is on it is worse. it is an automatic Help!

Have the diagnostic trouble codes been read out of the ECM’s memory yet? If not, that’s probably the first place to start. There’s literally dozens of different things that could cause this symptom. Another helpful clue you could provide, is there any routine maintenance recommended in the owner’s manual that is behind schedule?

Thanks will look into those 2 things first. Any other ideas? We just don’t want to get taken at the mechanics…we are new to the area and have to try a mechanic recommended by a friend, but you never can tell.

Make sure you tell the mechanic who it was that recommended them to you. It gives you some add’l leverage.

Other ideas? Just a guess, but I’d be suspicious of the idle air control valve failing.