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2001 maxima idle changes

To make a long story short, i had check engine light on, had to replace 3 o2 sensors, then had to replace the catalyst, and finally after that light went out had to replace the last o2 senors. i finally passed smog, but now my idle is messed up. When i first start it up, it starts and dies. I i keep a foot on the gas pedal, t stays started. I turned the nut on the idle pulley to increase the idle to take care if that. then when i drive the car for 15 minutes or so, the idle kicks up to 2 k or above, i adjust it down, and ll is good. Then the next day, same thing. So What i have been doing is just warming up the car for 10 minutes or so and then it is fine. Other than this everything is fine, i have no power loss or anything i can notice. So any and all help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

The problem is probably with Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve controls the engine idle speed under all conditions. The fact that you can keep the idle steady while stepping on the gas pedal points to the IAC valve.


Where is this “Igle Pully” located that you turned the nut on.


You really need to put that throttle stop screw back where it was and sort out the problem rather than attempt to cover it up; which is what moving that screw does.
Turning the screw just creates some confusion on the part of the PCM which is what controls the idle through the IAC valve.

AIC valve may need cleaning, as mentioned. its was really easy to do on my car. my repair manual explained it pretty well.

I turned the nut on the idle pulley to increase the idle to take care if that.

Shut the hood, back away slowly and no one gets hurt!

I’m still wondering about that “Idle Pully” and the nut he turned.

Could this person be that unfamiluar with mechanics that he thinks the “Idler Pully” controls the idle of the engine.
Or is the Nut that he turned…really a screw…the Idle screw that everyone presumes he’s turning.
I guess the word Pully in that sentence has me hooked on that.
Quote; "I turned the nut on the idle pulley to increase the idle "

Maybe he’ll come back and clear up all this.


My guess is that he’s referring to is the circular throttle plate lever or throttle cable guide as it might be called and the nut is a lock nut used to secure the throttle plate screw. That nut is often painted over or sealed with a dab of plastic as it’s supposed to be tamper resistant.

The assembly on the right hand side and the locknut tabbed in red that is near it.

@OK4450; as soon as I read “cable guide”…it hit me!!!
Well, I guess that does kind of look like a pully.

It would be a good laugh if someone was trying to adjust the Idle with the idler pully.