2001 Jetta EPC/Engine Light

Engine Light has been on for over a year. I changed the MAF and no change. Code is for running to lean. Over the past few months it has been running very rough when I start it or when it is idling until i stomp on the gas and it “catches” then it runs fine. Recently I changed the brakes/oil and was try to replace some fuses. In the process I removed fuse number 43 and now unless that fuse is out and the MAF is unplugged the car will start and just chug/shake before dying. If I put the fuse in and leave the MAF unplugged or vise-versa it will do the same but if I stomp on the gas it will eventually “catch” and it the run fine. When the car is running it has no issues but the battery light has been coming on and off over the last few days.

How about rechecking that CEL and tell us what code(s) it is showing. The real code not an English translation. It should be like [P1234}.