2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee losing coolant

Hello. I have had a Jeep Grand Cherokee for about 4 years. Over the last year or so, I have been having coolant loss. At first, it was very little over the course of a month. Now it is about a half a gallon over a few days. We can’t find any leaks. The oil does not appear milky. There is a bit of moisture under the valve cover. What could be the problem?

Is it a V8? My buddies V8 just lost a head gasket…the coolant was being burned w/no mixing of oil/coolant. This failure mode is quite common and possible. DO you notice a lot of “steam” out your tailpipe?

We used Blue Devil about 6 months ago…still going strong. It beat taking the heads off the truk in the cold w no garage at the moment. If you catch it early “Blue Devil” is A PERMANENT FIX $60 Bucks.

It’s an I-6, and I just spotted coolant in my oil after posting the above. Also, the exhaust smells like coolant. We’re pretty sure it’s a cracked head. I understand that this is a common problem in Jeeps. Thanks for your help, though. :slight_smile:

Doesnt have to be a CRACKED head. A head gasket failure will do both of these. In fact Id say its a gasket over a crack at this point…cracks are pretty specific in their failure ways… If you want to go with some Blue Devil…you may be shocked to see how well it works. I would repair it the old school way because I am a mechanic but I swear by Blue Devil…the stuff is AMAZING. Another non paid advert for Blue Dev…lol