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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine life

Automotive shop is highest rated one by AAA in the area. However, based on everything I’m hearing from all of you, SA may not have much experience with this engine. BTW, does anyone know who does make this 4.7 liter engine? I am going to keep this car as long as I can because my wife does not like the Subaru 3.6 liter Outback AWD Limited that we just bought. Jeep will be car #1, Subaru car #2. One reason I thought it was built by Mercedes is the stainless steel exhaust system. Guess it’s probably just a Chrysler Jeep. Thanks for the input. Very helpful.

Here’s lots of info - Wikipedia is your friend:

Thank you. I did not even know it is a PowerTech engine. Guess I should take another look at the window sticker which I still have. It has been a great engine for me. Plenty of power and good mileage for a V-8. Art

You are probably right. I have faithfully changed the oil every 3500 to 5000 miles. Also have had all major services done at the recommended mileage. The current generation of car owners probably don’t pay much attention to nuisance items like regular oil changes. Thanks for your input. Art

More info on the engine: