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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes come on

The brakes come on while your driving in the front

Care to expand your non-question?

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Are you saying the front brakes are applying themselves without you depressing the pedal? Might be something messed up with the ABS. Just a guess though.

Can be a collapsed flexible hose to one of the front brakes, can be chunks og rubber brake parts in very old brake fluid that has no been changed in a long time clogging the return ports in the master cylinder or it could be a bad master cylinder. If it is the return ports being clogged you should have one brake in the front, getting hoy and one on the other side in the rear getting hot, but not as hot as the front.

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If you mean that the brake are applied without touching the brake pedal then you might consider it being caused by aged brake fluid. If that’s 20 year old fluid then the odds are high and especially so if the calipers are hanging up on the sliders a bit.

Old brake fluid boils at much lower temps than new fluid and expands when it does so. That then pushes the pads against the calipers. Just some food for thought.

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