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2001 infiniti i30 losing power

hello, i have a 2001 infiniti i30 automatic with about 118000 miles. The car runs and drives fine but every now and then while i am driving it and i push on gas the RPM will go up but the car will not move forward. I noticed that this usually happens when i drive the car a lot. If i turn it off and on it drives normal again. I have had 3 mechanics try to troubleshoot it one recommended to change the MAF which i did and the car ran fine for about 6 months and is starting to do it again. Service engine soon light is on again. I would appriciate if someone can tell me what exactly is the issue thats causing it.

Thank You

If the engine’s RPMs go up, but the car does not accelerate, this is a pretty clear indication of a transmission problem.

If you described the problem with these same words to your mechanics and they only came up with a MAF problem, then I have to wonder about those mechanics. In other words, while you may have had a bad MAF, I think that your transmission is also problematic, and the symptoms should be a dead give-away to a mechanic that your transmission is slipping.

If you have not yet checked the transmission fluid, I suggest that you do so immediately.
Then, come back to this same thread, and report the level, color, and odor of the fluid.
Also–please dig out your maintenance receipts, and tell us when the trans fluid was last changed.

Ditto on VDC’s comments.