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2001 Honda CRV- noobie mistakes/question

Hi guys, first of all, I know nothing about cars, and yes I made the mistake of buying a second hand car without getting a mechanic to look it over.

Quick question: the 2001 Honda CRV I just bought, I took it to the mechanic yesterday to get it looked over and serviced, and some issues have been reported.

Firstly, the brake discs rotor is wrapped I believe, as when I bake the steering wheel vibrates. (Not an issue I’m too concerned about).

The other issue, is on the underside of the vehicle, the chassis has a 2 by 4 inch hole which has rusted through. (Picture attached)

Was it acceptable for the dealership I bought t from to sell me this vehicle without informing me about this? As I would have never noticed it myself (knowing nothing about cars). And also how expensive is this all going to cost to repair?

Sorry for my ignorance, I’d appreciate any advice.

Thanks, George

Depends on the terms of sale, I would guess that for an 18 year old car the sale was 'AS IS", if it was you have little recourse. The rust through the chassis is a problem, rust is like rabbits in the back yard, if you see one there are many more. Have that looked into by a body shop or welder, might be an easy repair or the rust might be all over and be difficult or impossible to repair.

While it is possible for the massive rust damage in that one location to be the only rust damage to the car, it’s… let’s just say… not likely. If, as I suspect, the rust damage is widespread, the vehicle is not structurally safe in the event of an impact.

While it’s hard to tell from the photo (looks like part of the Titanic), like the folks have said, any major rust is a BIG warning sign of more rust elsewhere. Didn’t your mechanic look around for other problem areas?

Your paper work probably says ( Sold as is ) which means no warranty . Also it probably came from an auction , was washed and vacuumed then put on the lot for sale .
As the others have said rust is a problem so you might need to pay a body shop to see if this thing is safe to drive.

If that’s the only rust problem of structural integrity import, that won’t be overly expensive to repair.

But that’s a big “If”.

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You should have received a form and which you should have signed which states what if anything you are entitled to., This is an AS IS form and may specify a 30 day or more warranty. If it’s AS IS only then you’re out of luck.

As Volvo_V70 correctly mentions it was likely purchased,cleaned, and placed for sale. That’s the SOP Few dealers go over their cars much less with a fine tooth comb.