2001 Honda Civic stalls, flickering battery light

I have a 2001 Honda Civic EX sedan with 224K miles. One year ago I had to have the alternator replaced. Approximatley three months later I noticed the following: When cruising at say 55 MPH and and then decelerating to say 45MPH (by removing the foot from the gas pedal) I noticed the battery light would flicker for a split second upon depressing the gas pedal to reaccelerate. This was happening ALL the time for months. Approximately three months ago my car developed what I would describe as a burp or hiccup. I thought it was bad gas but it would happen from time to time. On a recent trip (450 miles one way) I was 150 miles from home when the car burped twice and then the car felt like it was runningon two cylinders. I pulled off the road and into a gas station. As I did the car completely stalled. I tried starting up and it was running very rough - like on two cylinders. I shut ti down and decided to call my insurance for a tow. After learnig they would only tow me 20 miles I told them to take no action. I then went out to my car and inspected under the car - no fluids. The engine compartment also looked good. After a 30 minute rest i srted the car and it ran perfect. The battery light flickered like crazy on the start but then went off. The car idled just fine, nothing strange with the exhaust. I put it in gear and drove 150 miles until I arrived at home. The car burped a couple times along the way - only for a split second - and it seemed that the burps occured around 65 MPH. The engine light stayed on for the the 150 mile trip home. About one hour after arriving home I took a spin to the post office and along the way the engine light went away. The car has been running fine since then - around town - but yesterday while on the highway after driving 60 miles the car burped once again. I’m thinking this has to do with the alternator, timing, plugs, distributor, or plug wires. I will note that I have been religious with oil changes (do them myself with good filters and oil) but have never changed the spark plugs. The car has worked like a champ with the excpetion of one strut replacement and the alternator. Any help with my problem would be appreciated.

Anytime the battery warning light is on it indicates a problem with the charging system. From what you say it sounds like the alternator may have some dirty brushes inside it or other problem. You might want to replace the alternator. Check the fan belt tension and the wire connections to it for any signs of trouble. While your doing that make sure the battery connections are clean and snug also.

I think you have a misfire causing the engine light to turn on. For that, you probably need new spark plugs. As for the battery light, I may need to know whether you got a high-quality alternator or not and when you got it.

Thanks for the info. The alternator is not high quality…$200+ installed at Midas. Honda wanted substantially more for an OEM alternator and I could not justify the expense with over 200K miles.

Changed the plugs today. The old plugs did not looks so good…but what should I expect with original plugs! I will see how she goes in the week ahead. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again.