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2001 Honda Civic runs hot after thermostat removal

Why is my 2001 Honda civic still running super hot after I took the thermastat out? I think my head gasket is messed up. I put this stuff called kseal in it. I don’t have the money for a new head! Help

Maybe you don’t need a new head, just a gasket.

Are you sure the cooling fan at the radiator is running when the engine is at normal operating temp???


Because part of the job of the thermostat is to restrict the coolant flow so heat from the engine can transfer into the coolant. A bit science-y but the t-stat is in there for a reason.

Since this car is old and you are broke, K-seal was a reasonable stab at a solution. I’d say it is a failed attempt at a solution since it still overheats. It might just be a head gasket rather than a needing a rebuilt head. But it is still not a cheap repair.


Common for the head gasket to fail on Civics this age. Good to try the additives to try to fix, but they have a low success rate. Replacing the head gasket is the next step. The engine is great and if repaired will last a long time. If you have to buy another car, figure out what the payments would be, compare that to the repair cost. You may be ahead money wise by repairing the gasket, assuming the rest of the cars is OK, no major rust etc.