2001 Grand Am GT Woes

Hi there. I have a 2001 Grand Am GT with about 70k miles on it. It has had a cooling system problem that is plaguing it, and I fear that it’s the head gasket. We have replaced the water pump, the radiator, the thermostat, the temperature sensor, hoses. The fans were not running consistently, so we ran a switch so we could turn them on manually.

Two days ago, the car started squealing, and the temperature rises really, really fast so we shut down the car immediately. I looked at it today, and checked the oil, and it was down 2 quarts. (FYI - my son has been driving this car - ugh) After we topped off the oil, the Service Engine Soon light came on and was blinking. That light has not been on (all the rest have, but that one hasn’t).

I will take all input. Trying to figure out if its even worth taking to a shop to have a look-see.



A blinking Service Engine Soon light indicates a serious problem that requires immediate diagnosis/repair. You can have the codes read for free at Autozone. Post them here so we get a basic idea of what’s up.

There are several checks for a blown head gasket that you (or a mechanic) can do. These include testing the coolant for hydrocarbons, checking if there’s oil in the coolant (or vice versa), looking for bubbles in the cooling system while the engine is running to name a few.