2001 Galant - noisy and stiff gas pedal during cold weather start


When starting my 2001 Galant in cold weather (say below 55 deg or so) two things are causing me concern:

1. the engine is really noisy - makes a repetitive clattering/clacking sound. This dies down as the engine warms up. After about a minute or two it sounds just fine. Initially though it sounds pretty bad - I get looks from passengers that experience it.

2. The gas pedal is stiff when I first push it. After the first push or two, it’s fine.

I’ve taken the car to a couple mechanics and they haven’t found anything wrong.

Thanks for any advice or ideas

  1. This sounds like a classic case of sticking lifters. This could also be a sign of a weakening oil pump that it taking too long to get oil to the lifters. This can only be evaluated by a mechanic from an overnight stay. Once the engine is warmed up and driven, he cannot tell what the problem is.

  2. Sounds like you need a thorough throttle body cleaning. I’m surprised none of the mechanics suggested this.

Thanks very much! I’ll find a new place and see what they can do.